Why I Have an Accountability Partner

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Even though I coach people on how to accomplish their goals with time management techniques, I have a hard time achieving my own goals. To combat that, I have an accountability partner. Actually, I have more than one accountability partner for my many goals. For instance, fellow organizer, Beth Penn, who wrote The Little Book of Tidying, is my accountability partner to finish my own book. My friend, Leanne Reichhoff, who runs my website and SEO, is my accountability partner to get emails out to all of you. These women motivate me to write every day and keep in touch with my clients, even when I’m tired after a day full of organizing.

With an accountability partner, no matter what you do, you don’t have to do it alone. Studies show that having an accountability partner, someone who understands your goal and can hold you to it, helps you accomplish that goal. Whether it’s organizing your home or writing a book, when you’re accountable to someone, you’re not alone. Regularly check in with your accountability partner and let them know how you’re doing with your goal progress and where you’re getting hung up. An accountability partner can offer suggestions or support to get you past your stumbling block. Accountability partners can be virtual or physical. You can even join a group and be accountable to the group. Whatever you do, don’t go it alone.

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