Vacation Packing

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We all need a getaway from the daily grind once in a while. However, not all our stuff needs to come with us when we’re on vacation. Figuring out exactly what to pack and how to pack it can be a challenge, but with the right planning, you can pack like a pro!

To avoid overpacking and lugging an oversized bag that weighs more than you, choose clothing you can wear in more than one outfit, and rely on accessories to change your look. Nobody will know if you wear the same pants on more than one occasion. Plus, most hotels offer laundry service, and if you’re staying with relatives or friends, they may not mind if you toss in some of your laundry with theirs.

Next, check the weather in the city you’re visiting so you pack the right type of clothing. Keep in mind, Mark Twain once said the coldest winter he ever spent was a summer in San Francisco! Plan your outfits in advance to avoid rushing, and ensure what you need is washed and ready to be packed. If you’re unsure about an outfit, test it out by wearing it or setting it out so you can visualize yourself in the outfit. It’s better to take some time before your trip to know if pieces work together and that you feel comfortable in them, so you don’t give up precious suitcase space to an outfit you won’t enjoy wearing.

Finally, try to pack only one carry-on suitcase for each member of your traveling party. Once you’ve arrived at your destination, unpack your suitcase to keep your space tidy and your clothes from wrinkling.

Whatever you do, don’t leave packing to the night before!

Here are some tips for packing smart and light.

Pack heavy items on the bottom. Use fabric shoe bags or plastic bags to store your shoes so they don’t come in contact with your clothing, and line the bottom of your suitcase with shoes. Wear your bulkiest shoes for travel so you don’t even have to pack them.

Assign zones to your suitcase. Position PJs, tops, bottoms, socks, underwear, and workout gear so similar clothes are together. Packing similar items together maximizes space in your suitcase because similar clothing fits together tighter.

Roll your clothing. This takes up less space, wrinkles less, and is more uniform. Use Space Bags for clothing to fit even more in your suitcase.

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