To Store or Not to Store

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In major cities, it’s hard to store your stuff. Not only having it in your apartment, but also the hassle of getting an Uber to get your stuff from a self-storage facility. Enter the storage box company. These are companies who will bring plastic tubs to your apartment, you fill them up, and they store them for you! How convenient is that? And if you need them, they bring the items back. They also store things that won’t fit in their plastic tubs, like a bicycle.

I’ve researched a few of these companies and here are the ones I recommend for the New York City area.

While Simplify Valet Storage makes it easy to just order bins and store a few things, all companies are a valet approach to the traditional storage unit. All rates are comparable to self-storage options but with any of these companies, you don’t have to leave your apartment to have your possessions brought to you and taken away.

While off-site storage isn’t the first recommendation I make when organizing, it’s sometimes necessary and it’s good to have options when you don’t have access to on-site storage where you live. And there’s nothing better in this age of convenience than having someone else do all the heavy lifting.

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