Storage Solutions for Downsizing

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Happy hot August, I hope everyone is staying cool and staying safe. Many of my clients have decamped to the shore or upstate, some even leaving their city homes permanently or renting them out long-term. My clients who are staying are majorly decluttering their homes to create more space and address what’s really important to them.

So, whether leaving NYC permanently, temporarily, or staying put, people ask me about storage options to help them clear the clutter. Here’s a useful guide from ranking the best storage units in NYC. This list details 32 companies but I’m going to tell you about the ones I’ve experienced.

MakeSpace: does more than just pick up and drop off your belongings. It provides free packing bins and bags, so you don’t have to buy boxes and tape. When it comes time to load up, the company’s employees do the heavy lifting, wrapping, and handling. Its on-site, 24-hour security ensures antiques and other valuables are protected. For extra peace of mind, it has an app that lets you view photos of your items and request a delivery. The first pickup and all Goodwill pickups are free. MakeSpace also offers a free one-hour appointment every 30 days, and storage rates are price-locked so they never increase.

Manhattan Mini Storage: has multiple locations around the city monitored by an on-site manager, security staff that makes rounds multiple times per day, and full-time maintenance staff to ensure that customers’ belongings are secure and facilities are well-maintained. The company also offers a Free Storage Shuttle service. Customers may arrange a pickup to bring themselves and their belongings to their storage unit free of cost, a huge plus for the many Manhattan residents who do not have a car.

While not on the list, Zippboxx is another great option.

Zippboxx: goes through great lengths to make sure your items are safe and protected.  Once we pick your items up at your location we will transport your items to our secured storage facility. Once at our facility your items will be photographed, bar-coded and inventoried. This allows you to have a photographed inventory of all items in storage.  Need any items back?  Just sign into your customer portal, browse your inventory, choose the item or items that you need, and request your delivery.  It’s that simple!

In addition to these companies, many moving companies offer storage. This is a great option because they pack, move and then deliver your items back to you. I don’t recommend this for seasonal storage but if you’re looking to store furniture or a whole household of items, having a moving company store for you is the easiest.

I hope these tips help you if you’re looking to downsize but still need to keep things for the future.

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