Simplifying & Slowing Down

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With some of us in our fourth month of staying at home, I hope a routine has developed. Even though this new routine was not of our choosing, try to find the beauty in slowing down, now that the distractions of commitments have fallen away. When things start back up again, shed unnecessary tasks from your to-do list. Personally, I’ve found that I’ve been able to receive all the groceries I need online. You may have been shopping online before the pandemic but I’m going to keep that newfound time and energy saver with me when things are back to normal.

Now that you know what’s really important, you can shed things from your to-do list that you never accomplished when you had the time.

I’ve also found projects that can be completely eliminated from my life. If I haven’t accomplished them now that I have the time, I’ll never do them when life starts to get busy again. With the new time that I do have, I’m reading more books (trying for a chapter a night most nights). I’m also meal planning, which saves time and takes the guesswork out of the never-ending “What’s for dinner?” question. See my recent blog post about meal planning and how it can save you time and energy.

Even though the world is on pause, or slow motion, it’s still important to have a schedule and goals. Your schedule will be much more simplified than it was at the beginning of 2020, with no extracurricular activities or school/camp schedules to plan around. This allows you to schedule your days more freely and include activities that weren’t normally possible. Instead of the kids at summer camp, take them for a nature hike scavenger hunt. Roast marshmallows in the backyard and pitch a tent for a backyard campout.

Don’t forget to keep exercising with long walks, runs, or bike rides. Switch it up and do some YouTube workouts at home. My favorite quarantine exercises are social distanced yoga with my neighbor in her backyard once a week and family walks around the neighborhood.

While slowing down isn’t my thing, I’m taking this time to simplify my schedule and embrace slowing down. Because when things start back up again, it’s going to be hectic. I hope you can find what’s important to you and incorporate those things into your life going forward, eliminating what’s not important or necessary.

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