See Clearly in 2020 and Become Organized

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January is get organized (GO) month and I like to start the new year off getting myself and my home organized. When all the holiday decorations are packed away and the weather is cold and dreary, it’s a perfect time to focus on personal improvement.

Create a Schedule

Start by creating a schedule for yourself to manage your time. Outline your waking hours and then block out time for work and commuting. Then fill in other necessary appointments and tasks. In the free space, schedule your “to do’s” and make sure to carve out personal time to unwind. Creating a schedule can seem daunting and you may say you don’t have time to make a schedule but when you don’t know where your time is going, it can easily get mismanaged.  

Reduce Clutter

Weed out items from your home you no longer want or need. Over the holidays, toys and clothes and other items came into your home. January is the perfect month to donate old things. Maybe you received a replacement for Christmas and can donate the old. Maybe your children have outgrown some toys that can be passed on to younger friends or relatives. Look clearly at your home in 2020 and weed out what no longer fits for your vision of life in the new year. 

Let me know what organizing goals you’d like to accomplish in 2020 and I’ll write about them in a future blog post. And if you need help getting yourself organized, reach out and set up an appointment!  

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