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[misc_content]side_img[/misc_content]Closet Makeover / Seasonal Switch
Organizing your closet is possibly one of the most important things you can do to feel better about yourself when dressing each day. It saves you time in the morning; no more standing in front of your closet wondering what to wear. In this 4 hour session, your organizer will go through your closet with you, analyzing items in your closet and purging items that don’t work for you anymore, organizing the remainder into a functional closet where you can actually enjoy getting dressed in the morning.

Shop With an Organizer
Personal shopping with a professional organizer includes an in-home assessment of your space, followed by personal shopping (with or without you) for the items at the store of your choice (Container Store, Bed Bath & Beyond, etc.) and implementation of those items. 2 hour minimum.

Kitchen Magic
Whether you’re a professional chef or a busy mom with a family to feed, your organizer will work her magic in your kitchen. This 2-4 hour session involves hands-on organizing, whipping your kitchen into shape and creating order for you to create your next meal.

Home Office Filing System Set Up / Tune Up
This package includes 4-8 hours of hands-on organizing and all products needed to set up your home office filing system — all you need to do is provide the file drawer. Your organizer will go through your paperwork with you, purging items you don’t need to file, and then consulting with you to develop a system of filing and retrieval that works for YOU. We will assemble, purge, sort, and file all your paperwork in a new system to make you more productive. This is especially important for the entrepreneur, because if you don’t feel calm and in control in your office, your clients can sense this.

Move Management
Moving to a new place? Your organizer(s) can help you purge items and pack before your move, bring in movers and manage your day of move, unpack you in your new apartment and help you visualize your new space. Moving is stressful, let Become Organized take some of the stress out of it for you.

Whole Home Organizing
This 4 hour (each session) package encompasses everything. Need to get your kids’ toys organized? Hall closet out of control? Have a spare bedroom that’s becoming a black hole? Your organizer will organize with you, or under your direction, to reduce clutter and create order in your home.

Each package includes an email within 48 hours of your session with a summary of your session and any product research discussed during your session.

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