Organizing School Artwork

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When the school year ends, teachers send your child home with handfuls of artwork. But how do you organize it once it leaves the classroom and comes into your home? Have your child help you pick the pieces they want to save by using these tips: 

  • Keep the best, get rid of the rest:  keep only the artwork that “sparks joy” to use Marie Kondo’s words. Some of these are treasured pieces you want to save and others are just busy work that can be recycled. You may see some that you want to save and your child may see some they want to save that they worked particularly hard on. Together, you will get the artwork down to a manageable size and it can then be stored away. 
  • Decide whether to keep the physical item or a photograph:  some items are too bulky to keep (like a history class diorama or science class volcano) but you want to keep a record of your child’s accomplishment. Take a photo before you trash the large, bulky artwork. 
  • Review prior year’s artwork to see if it’s still worthy of keeping:  sometimes, over time, attachment to an object fades. What may have been an important piece of artwork last year may no longer be important this year. By pairing down prior year’s work, you make room to store current and future year’s work. 

Once you have the artwork you want to save, select the storage option that best fits for your life. Label the container for each child and year(s): 

If any artwork arrives home without a name and year date, put those on the back, so you know when your child made their masterpiece when you look back years from now. These tips will help keep artwork managed and will archive it for the future.  

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