Holiday Shopping Tips: Home Organizing Gift Guide

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The holiday shopping frenzy is ON! To us that means it’s time to help friends and family get organized with some handy gifts. While the ideas on our list may not seem as breathtaking as the latest smartphone, getting organized can create a sense of well-being, and we think that’s one of the best gifts you can give!

For our Ultimate Gift List, we enlisted help from a few of our favorite professional organizers, who shared products that have made a difference in real-life situations, solving problems for clients.

Jessica Decker of Become Organized, Inc. likes to help clients divide and conquer, shifting things into organizational categories that make them easier to find. She loves unmarked closet-rod dividers for making sense of clothes.  “Just like when you shop at a store and different sizes are noted by dividers, these little circles let you know that you’ve come to a different section of your closet. They give an easy visual to let you know where one section ends and another begins, cutting down on time spent searching for what to wear.”

 Jessica also recommends drawer dividers as a simple yet powerful organizational tool that a lot of people still overlook. “They can be used in a dresser drawer to keep socks separate from underwear, or can be used in the kitchen to separate utensils.”

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Written by Kastle Waserman for Public Storage.

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