Melissa B.

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Jessica has changed our lives! She has essentially done a top to bottom organization of all rooms and spaces in our apartment (Bedroom, Kids rooms, toys and books, Kitchen, Living Room, Office, Dining Room, all closets). She has also helped with seasonal closet changes. She instilled functional and useful systems to every area of the apartment and has recommended essential items to purchase to help functionality.

Jessica has a talent for putting well thought out and functional systems in place. She has basically changed out lives. With two little boys in a cramped NYC apartment, space is key and utilizing space correctly is even more important. Jessica has enabled us to find a home for everything in our apartment with a functional purpose. She has also been instrumental in helping me to get rid of unnecessary items (clothes, books, toys, etc.). Jessica’s easygoing and sweet demeanor has made working with her a pleasure. She has a great vision for where items should be placed, how they fit and which items need to stay and go. She has made our lives so much more functional. It’s been a pleasure to work with and continue to work with Jessica.

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