Meal Planning is Easier Than You Think

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Meal Planning is Easier Than You Think

Benefits of Meal Planning
Saves time
Saves money
Healthier eating
Eliminates the “what’s for dinner?” question
Reduces food waste

If meal planning sounds daunting, start simple. Meal plan your dinners for a week using the foundation 1. Protein 2. Grain 3. Vegetable. Those are just three decisions you need to make to meal plan. How to put together those three foundation elements is where you can get creative and culinary.

Use an online meal planning sheet to help you fill in the blanks and get started meal planning. Have the right storage containers to store your meals in single-serve sizes. This makes it easy to reheat and ensures that your meals have a place to go when you’re done cooking them.

Comb through your recipe books or online recipes to find simple, tasty meals the whole family will enjoy. Then create your grocery list and go shopping. Once you have all your meal preparation items, pick a day to cook where you have at least a few hours free. While meal planning saves time over the week, plan on investing time to make several meals at once.

Embrace change. If you get invited out to dinner one night or feel like eating cereal for dinner instead of a planned meal, it’s ok. That just means you’ve got a prepared dinner for another night or a lunch.

Meal Planning is Easier Than You ThinkI hope you try these meal planning tips and let me know the time and money and hassle it saves you!

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