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Summer is gone (sigh) and we’re getting ready to dive into fall. You’re pulling out sweaters and putting away the bathingsuits and it’s also time to take a look through your makeup stash. This includes not only what’s at home but also what you’ve got in your purse, your car, and at work. Bring it all out; we’re going to review it.

Makeup trends change quickly and you want to stay on top of what’s current — is nude lipstick in or out this fall? Chances are that with all the products on the market, each vowing to make your face look younger, lashes longer, and lips fuller, you’ve got a lot of products. You buy one thing, it doesn’t work, and then you try something else. But it’s so hard to get rid of that barely-used jar of cream…it cost so much! Do yourself a favor here. Close your eyes, aim for the trashcan, and let go.

We all know how disgusting expired makeup can get, causing your skin to break out and even giving you infections! Not pretty. Do yourself a favor and toss the old stuff. Basic guidelines suggest replacing liquid makeup (mascara, foundation, eyeliner) every 3-6 months and powders and lipsticks every 1-2 years. Anything that’s broken should be tossed as well.

Speaking of broken makeup, investing in a makeup holder to contain all your pots and tubes and pencils is essential. Letting makeup run free-range in the bottom of a drawer or tossing it all in a large makeup bag beats up your powders and knocks tops off of lipsticks, allowing them to collect dust and dirt. A holder with drawers and separators lets everything have a place and keeps it organized.

When you go out you want to put your best face forward. By refreshing and organizing your makeup, you’re cherishing your skin by not putting on expired makeup and it’s easier to get ready because your makeup is sorted. As a bonus you’ll also be sporting the latest colors and products. Who doesn’t love new products?

Challenge Yourself

  • Get rid of the following: makeup that you’ve had more than a year; makeup that smells; makeup whose ingredients have separated; and anything that doesn’t look good on you (this one should be a no-brainer, in fact, you should have already tossed it!).
  • Separate items by use: group the following together: face, lips, eyes. This way you won’t lose an eye shadow color because it’s grouped with your blushes.
  • Purchase a good makeup holder to keep it organized: acrylic makeup holders with separate spots for lipsticks and pencils and drawers for your powders and blushes are great.

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