Make Time for Your Goals

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We all have goals in our life. Whether we accomplish them depends on how we spend our time. Schedule time for your goals. If they’re important enough to be goals, they’re important enough to be in your schedule. Even working 15 minutes a day on your goal is more than 90 hours a year! That’s more than two weeks of a 40-hour workweek spent working on you and accomplishing your goals.

What do you spend 15 minutes a day doing that you can cut down or eliminate and replace that time with your goal? Is it scrolling through social media, zoning out in front of the television, or even sleeping a little longer than you intend? Using the tweaks mentioned above, you could grab a few extra minutes each day and put them towards your goal. Think about your life in a year’s time. What do you want to have accomplished? What will you be upset with yourself that you didn’t do? Those are your goals. Ask yourself “what goal can I accomplish when I set my mind to it?”

Keep a running list of your goals (both long-term and short-term) where you can frequently see them. Each year I make a New Year’s Resolution. After a few months I forget my resolution and almost never accomplish my goal because I didn’t write it down or I wrote it down and forgot where I put the paper. Goals need to be visible, out in the open. I recently joined a fitness group where we hold each other accountable and have daily goals and check-ins. By making my goals public and being held to them, I’ve lost more weight than I could ever do on my own. Tell someone about your goal, make them keep you accountable to your goal. Celebrate accomplishing goals. No goal is too small to congratulate yourself when you’ve accomplished your goal.

Have you ever gone on a crash diet to prepare for an event; like a beach vacation or a wedding…or a high-school reunion? You had a goal in mind and a deadline. Think of that word, deadline. Merriam-Webster defines the word deadline as: a line drawn around a prison beyond which prisoners were liable to be shot. Those are some pretty deadly consequences for not adhering to a deadline. Thankfully, your deadlines aren’t as ominous but they still have consequences. You may not fit into your outfit if you don’t lose weight by your event, your school paper may not be accepted if submitted past the deadline. I’m sure you get my meaning that deadlines are important.

Set each goal with a deadline and work backwards to schedule your time accordingly. No large construction project is done without a schedule because deadlines have consequences. The project manager even plans out incremental deadlines to keep track of the project’s progress. The manager knows when each part of the project will begin and end. Goals need to be met in order for the deadline to hold. When you have a deadline you’re more likely to accomplish your goal. You’ve set a date and made it more concrete than just having a goal out in the ether. Now that you have a goal and a deadline, schedule and manage your time to achieve the goal.

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