Living Better with Less

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Recently I’ve embraced minimalism. Even though I live in an organized house, I was feeling overwhelmed by my stuff. Every day there would be the tidying of the stuff; fluffing couch pillows and folding throw blankets. Every week there would be the cleaning of the stuff, picking up and dusting off trinkets and side tables. And then seasonally would come the packing away of the stuff and the putting out of other stuff. Away went the daily décor, only to be replaced by spring/summer/fall/or winter décor.


It was exhausting to maintain and organize and I’d had enough. I wanted to live a better life, one where I wasn’t ruled by my possessions and had more free time. So I started to purge. I began at the start of the summer with a yard sale, taking everything that didn’t sell to donation. Then, I started selling household items on Facebook Marketplace (note the shell photo, who even needs this?!?). In one month alone I made a couple hundred dollars and sold a pool table that had been in my storage room in the basement since before I moved in – talk about a weight out of the house! Now I critically eye all my possessions and assess whether I really need them.


I look back at the things I’ve sold or passed on to someone who will benefit from them, and I don’t miss anything! Most of the items I don’t even remember that I had. That’s surprising because these things were actually displayed in my home, not boxed up and hidden away in the basement.


Now that I don’t have as many household items cluttering my home, I feel freer and less distracted by my possessions. I now place out only my very favorite things (which were buried among everything else) and I focus on living better by living with less.


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