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Wow…. this lady is God sent! My family and I recently moved with our 6 month old baby and needless to say we found the transition pretty overwhelming. Both my husband and I are pretty organized and neat people but managing two properties and taking care of a baby along side my husband working 12 hours a day left us with only so much time to chip away with the chaos. We were going batty. Then I found Jessica. I cannot tell you how pleased I am with her services!! From the moment she arrived she was so pleasant and professional and moved with such speed and certainty – I knew that we had found our woman. In a single day she made our master bedroom an oasis of organization. Not only did she bring order with her labels and systems, she did it with the smile and expertise of a true professional. Needless to say, we have already booked our next appointment.

I cannot recommend Jessica more highly. We are pretty particular people and we stood back in amazement at what she accomplished in a day. Furthermore, she emailed me on her own the next day with a list of things that I should buy to make my space more organizational user friendly – complete with the links so all I had to do was click to add it to my cart!! She is the real deal. Grab her while her prices are still reasonable.

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