Finding Clarity During Challenging Times

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I hesitate to address social issues or anything that’s not light and helpful but since we’re all going through COVID-19 together I feel I can offer something helpful. Here in the NYC-area we’re going through a near total loss of income, long lines and empty grocery shelves, and most tragically, the loss of loved ones, friends, and acquaintances. Sure we’re also resilient and bond together and help each other out during these times but it’s still hard. It’s uncertain when this will end and what things will look like on the other side.

Since we can’t control a lot of what’s going on, I want to focus on what we can control. Use this time to connect (literally and figuratively) with family and friends. Work on some self-improvement you’ve been putting off because life is just too busy. Take some time to renew your living space, since you’re spending a lot of time there.

Clear clutter from your space: create clarity for your mind and body by getting rid of unnecessary items crowding your living space. If you can’t get out and donate items, box them up to get them out of the way in the meantime.

Find a place for the important things: display what’s important, like family photos, prized possessions, and other things that bring you joy. When you’ve cleared out the unimportant, the important has a place to shine. Bonus, this is equally as relevant for personal relationships and self-care.

Clean and refresh your space: Open your windows and let fresh air into your space. Dust and polish, vacuum and mop in places usually forgotten (like under beds and the couch cushions).

Take pride in what you’ve accomplished: know that while you can’t control all aspects of life, you do have control over your physical surroundings. Small tweaks can improve your mood during these hard times.

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