NYC professional organizer – FAQ


Do I Need an Organizer?

If you live in New York City and Northern New Jersey and are looking for an organizer, your project may be too much for you to handle on your own and that’s where we come in.  A professional organizer brings fresh ideas to maximize space, minimize junk, and help motivate you to get the project done.  Working with a partner also keeps you motivated and moves the job along quickly.

Will an Organizer Fit in My Budget?

Having an organized home or workspace pays for itself!  Jessica once found an envelope of cash for a client that they had forgotten about in all the clutter and disorganization.  Your home is your sanctuary, one you need to feel at peace in.  If you walk through the door and are bombarded by mess, your blood pressure rises, your stress level goes up, and your sanctuary is lost.  In the long run, disorganization costs more than hiring an organizer. Invest in your sanity.

How Will We Work Together?

At the start of each project, your organizer assesses the situation and works with you to develop a customized plan that fits YOUR life. Because this is a customized plan, you can choose to work with your organizer or have her work under your instruction.  Also, each project is different.  If you worked side-by-side organizing your office but now it’s time to move on to organizing the kitchen, you may choose to give general instructions on how you use your kitchen and what you need handy and we will take it from there.  No matter what, you will Become Organized.

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