Entryway Organization & Decluttering

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The entryway sets the tone for your home. It’s the first impression your guests have when they walk through your door. This is the zone of “out-the-door” where you’ll house things that go out-the-door. In addition to coats, this could include backpacks and sports equipment. And in small apartments, luggage often resides here. Make the entryway inviting and keep it clutter-free and well lit. Have a cheery mat so people can wipe their feet upon entering and in the rainy/snowy season have a rubber mat with a lip for rain/snow boots to reside.

Ways to keep entryways clutter-free:

· Use a hall closet or armoire to store coats and bags and shoes. Remember to maximize vertical space on the back of the door with an over-the-door shoe holder to store shoes or other out-the-door items like hats and gloves.

· Use a bench with baskets underneath so guests and household members can comfortably sit and remove their shoes. The baskets can store items like umbrellas, hats, shoes, dog leashes and bags. The possibilities are endless and tailored to how your household runs.

· Have a landing zone for your keys, outgoing mail, change, and anything else you remove from your pockets daily. A small side table or even a shelf can act as a landing zone.

· Use hooks to hang coats on and double up those hooks to hang purses and backpacks. Always have kids hooks at their height. If kids can’t reach the hook they can’t hang their coat and backpack up.

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