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It’s day 1,489 of quarantine, or so it seems, and in addition to having a baby during this crazy time I’ve gone a little stir crazy and started installing Elfa shelving anywhere I can.

When I first moved into my home I designed and installed Elfa shelving in the master closet and my daughter’s closet. Since then I’ve designed and even installed Elfa in countless clients’ closets. I love its versatility and clean look. It’s great for renters too since the systems can be disassembled and moved to another apartment. My sister had Elfa installed in her NYC apartment closet and when she moved to the suburbs, she took the system with her and now has it installed in her mudroom.

So, to keep myself busy I tackled my laundry room, pantry, storage room, and garage! Some of these projects are ongoing but I’m super excited to share their progress with you.

Here’s my storage room before. It’s the place where I keep clothes my kids will grow into, and I’ve got about 20 bins of clothes waiting for them! It was so hard to access bins and I wanted to keep them off the floor to get air moving in the room.

The shelving unit holds two bins on a four-foot shelf and I’ve installed eight four-foot shelves to fit 16 bins. I’m going to install even more shelves to fit the remainder of the bins.

In the laundry room, I had just a small cabinet above the washing machine and now I’ve got three shelves of space. I moved items from other areas all together to create this utility space where everything is easily accessible and visible, contained in clear bins.

For the pantry area, I took advantage of the vertical space by the refrigerator and installed shelves to the ceiling. I placed food into clear bins and separated categories out onto shelves. I am now able to fit a lot more food into the same space and it’s so organized.

I still have more to go, especially with the large garage project, but I’m happy with the results and can’t believe it’s taken me five years to do it.

What projects have you been working on during quarantine? Send me a note and photos, I’d love to see!

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