Easier, Organized Holidays

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It’s the holiday season again. Where you’re traveling or having out-of-town guests this blog post will give you tips for an easier, organized holidays. No matter what you’re doing for the holidays you need to Become Organized.

If you’re hosting a crowd, clean out your closets. At the very least you’ll need hall closet space for guest coats. Move the majority of your coat collection to an auxiliary closet or in the back of a bedroom closet. A collapsible, rolling coat rack can help increase coat storage the day of when you anticipate a lot of guests.

In the guest room, make sure your guests have enough space in the closet to store their suitcase and hang their clothes. Clean out some drawers in a dresser to give them space to unpack and feel at home. Change the sheets before arrival and leave a fresh set of towels out on the bed.

If you’re traveling for the holidays by plane, train, or automobile, make a list. Have a list of the items you need to pack and a list of the things you need to do to prepare your home for departure. Each packing list varies but should include your toiletries list, medications/vitamins, clothing list, and entertainment items like books or an iPad and charging accessories. Leaving for vacation is nearly as stressful as the actual traveling.

Your home departure list is a checklist of things that need to be done before you walk out the door and should include items such as washing the dishes, feeding the pets and arranging pet sitter information, emptying the garbage, turning off lights, and finally setting the alarm. This list will help ease your mind that you haven’t left anything out and you can enjoy your trip unencumbered.

I hope this helps you enjoy the holiday season more and stress less. The more you prepare and organize, the less you stress.

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