Baby to Toddler Switch

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Hi guys! It’s been a while and summer is halfway over! Where does the time go? This summer I’ve camped at the lake with my sister and our little girls, thrown a second birthday party for my daughter, and held a yard sale.

Now that my daughter is two, she’s playing differently and I’ve had to reorganize her playroom to accommodate her new toys. I love to incorporate antiques for organizing and use a vintage baby crib to adorably store her stuffed animals. She likes to color so I have a child-sized table and chairs with a 3-drawer organizer for ample craft storage. When she’s created a new masterpiece, I hang it in her playroom on a piece of string with cute clips so I can easily change out her artwork.

In her room, I repurposed a dresser to act as a bookshelf, with drawers underneath to hold her purses and some puzzles. It was definitely a Pinterest-worthy DIY. I switched out a lot of her board books with longer storybooks since her attention span is increasing.

I won’t have to make any major changes to her toys for a while and it looks amazing and is so functional and organized. Her toys are right at her level and she can help put them away when she’s done playing.

Have a wonderful rest of the summer and stay cool!




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