A Guide to Purging Your Clutter Properly in New York City

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In large cities like New York, living spaces are often small with limited storage. In an already small space, any unnecessary household items can make your space feel cramped and cluttered. Poor organization of items, too, can minimize the spaciousness of your home. Properly clearing out excess items that have accumulated can bring peace of mind and fully maximize the comfort of your home. Live simpler by properly clearing out your clutter.

You know you need to ditch the clutter – but where do you start? It can be a daunting task if you don’t have a game plan. Before diving in, determine your goals, be it ditching anything you haven’t used in two years or simply pairing down space in each room of your home. Check the New York City regulations for junk removal to ensure you are following the limitations. 

Once you have determined your goals, start clearing out your clutter one room at a time. Create three separate piles to keep, trash, or donate. Follow these simple steps: 

  1. Keep – The obvious must-have items you come across, your prized possessions, and the items you frequently use. If you look at something and hesitate on the value it adds to your life, it shouldn’t be in the “keep” pile. 
  2. Trash – Sometimes the hardest things to let go. Those jeans you wore holes into years ago? It might be time to throw them out. All the items that no longer serve their purpose, are damaged beyond repair or are just plain messy should be trashed. 
  3. Donate – One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. There can certainly be items that no longer spark joy for you, but are in good condition and could be used by someone else. If you come across items that you don’t want – but would feel guilty throwing out – these would be great to donate. You can find many local NYC thrift stores and organizations that accept donated items and drop them off, so they are out of your hair. 

It can be easy to determine which items should stay, versus which need to go:

  • Used up bottles of shampoo – trash 
  • A Duplicate set of measuring cups – donate 
  • Grandma’s pearls – keep

But sometimes the process will require thoughtfulness and evaluating certain items:

  • Spare garage tools 
  • Family heirlooms that have been stored for years
  • Clutter from other family members

Clutter didn’t appear overnight, and it won’t disappear as quickly either. To properly remove clutter without feeling overwhelmed, take on one project or room at a time before moving on to the next. Repeat these steps in each section of your home and focus on keeping what is really important. Ditch used up toiletry items, donate worn-down pants, and keep your favorite pair of jeans.

After you have successfully purged the items you do not want to keep, it is time to start organizing the remains. Just like the purging process, organizing should be done one room at a time so as to not become an overwhelming ordeal.

 There are millions of organizational techniques and equipment, but it is about finding what works most efficiently for your personality and space. Avoid a storage bin shopping spree for the heck of it – choose practical options that you can utilize to maintain a clean home. 

Tiny New York City apartments may lack width, but you can use the verticality to your advantage. Instead of expanding out, expand up – using wall shelves for storage that won’t take up extra space. 

Additionally, you can install wall hooks to hang items like brooms or kitchenware to keep things looking concise and tidy. Organizing bins and racks can be secured on the inside of cabinet doors, from closet racks and on office walls to help store items out of sight, but not reach. Maximize the space you already have with these efficient storage ideas.

For larger items or hazardous materials, it may be time to call in the pros. Professional junk removal companies offer many benefits compared to handling removal on your own.

After successfully purging all clutter from your property – the hard part is over. Now you can maintain your cleanliness with simple habits:

  1. Regularly put items in their designated storage area after each use 
  2. Create a schedule for cleaning household rooms 
  3. Purchase new items only after using existing ones 

With this simple guide, your New York City space will feel large and luxurious in no time. 

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