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Clothes on shelves

There’s a trend recently to do away with the dresser. I don’t know why it’s a trend – dressers are so useful! They hold a lot of folded clothes and have drawers you shut to keep clothing out of sight. You can even use the top of the dresser to display jewelry or hold a lamp. As useful as I think dressers are, they’re something I see less and less. Let me warn you, this will be a polarizing blog post; especially if you’re an interior designer or have already eschewed your dresser.

It started about a year ago when I unpacked and organized after a move. As the movers were unpacking the furniture I asked the homeowner, “where’s the dresser?” They gave me a strange look and pointed to a bookshelf and said, “well that’s where I keep my folded clothes”.  Since then it’s only gotten worse, with people relying on their closet to hold everything. I’ve had to use shelves in a closet to hold workout clothing and pajamas, only to have them slip and slide and topple over. Socks and underwear, while easily contained in a dresser, are relegated to bins on a shelf in the closet, eating up valuable closet space and creating a jumble of bras and panties in a bin.

Back in 2012, Apartment Therapy recommended to get rid of your dresser and “Instead, try fabric shelves that hang from the closet bar.” I believe this is a horrible idea. I cringe at the thought of socks and undies getting stuffed in a fabric shelf in the closet. How do you even know what you have when you can barely see to the back of the fabric shelf? In addition, if you’ve ever used on of these, you know that they move and bow; not to mention the amount of hanging space they take up in a closet.

Bring back the dresser (#bringbackthedresser), it’s part of a bedroom set for a reason; just like the nightstand. But my feelings on the nightstand are a story for another blog post. Thanks for reading my rant on this and if you know someone pondering whether or not to ditch their dresser, send this post to them

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